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As a Health & Wellness Coach and compassionate Counselling Hypnotherapist & Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, I am committed to helping you navigate life’s challenges and promote emotional well-being. 

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Whether you’re dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or seeking personal growth, our services are designed to empower you on your journey towards healing, self-discovery, and lasting change.


Unlock your full potential through tailored strategies and guidance designed to elevate your personal and professional life.

Counselling & Hypnotherapy

Experience the transformative power of therapeutic conversation and hypnosis to overcome challenges and achieve emotional well-being.

Therapeutic Coaching

Therapeutic coaching is used to support, encourage and guide the client through difficult challenges leading a better outcome in life. 

Root-cause Therapy & Coaching for Children

Uncover and address the hidden triggers of emotional and behavioral challenges in children, promoting healthier development and well-being.

Health and Wellness Program

Health and wellness coaching offers invaluable support in reducing stress and fostering a healthy lifestyle through personalized guidance and strategies.

Couples & Family Coaching

Unlock the path to family harmony with our Couples and Family Coaching and Hypnotherapy.