Karen Davaz

Health & Wellness Coach and Counselling Hypnotherapist

I offer a diverse range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. My approach combines evidence-based techniques and compassionate support to address various emotional and cognitive challenges.

My Story

Hi, my name is Karen Davaz. I am a Health & Wellness Coach and a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with certifications in Counselling Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Counselling. I provide basic counseling skills, hypnotherapy, and coaching to help my clients achieve their personal goals. The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify and overcome the core challenges and setbacks in your life with confidence. My solid background in habit change allows me to effectively support clients in many areas.

Trained in trauma-informed and wellness coaching along with counseling skills, I help individuals with personal issues such as anxiety, stress, health concerns, negative habits, and relationship and family issues. My holistic approach helps clients move past their suffering and find hope and faith in life. Whether through counseling or coaching, I am excited to support you on your journey.

My approach to therapy is deeply rooted in the belief that everyone has the ability to make positive changes in their lives. I work with my clients to identify their strengths and values, and then use a variety of techniques to help them overcome any obstacles that may be holding them back.

In addition to traditional counselling methods, I also use wellness and therapeutic coaching in my practice. Therapeutic coaching involves working with the body to release tension and trauma, which can be an incredibly powerful tool in helping my clients to heal and move forward.

Root Cause Therapy helps people understand and heal from their presenting issues whether it be mental health, anxiety, addiction, behavioral. It gives you the room to tune in to your emotions allowing you to release any emotions that do not serve any purpose. Hypnotherapy can help you unlearn negative patterns and focus on a more positive and healthy state.

Hypnotherapy is a way of communication with your subconscious mind for effective and positive changes. I apply my counselling skills to ensure that I provide the best outcome.

I believe that achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle requires a holistic and therapeutic approach that addresses all aspects of a person’s life. This means not just focusing on physical health, but also on emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

One of my main areas of focus is helping parents and individuals to manage the stress and challenges that come with every day life .I work with them to develop coping strategies, set boundaries, and prioritize self-care so that they can be the best version of themselves for their families.

I also work with individuals who are struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Through a combination of coaching, counseling, and therapy, I help them to build resilience, confidence, and a sense of purpose in their lives.

Ultimately, my goal as a counselling hypnotherapist is to empower my clients to take charge of their own lives and make the changes they need to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. I believe that everyone has the potential to thrive, and it is my privilege to be a part of that journey.

Embarking on a journey with me at Unique Minds Counselling offers you a supportive and nurturing environment where your individual needs are prioritized. By considering your inner-world, I facilitate a therapeutic outcome that leads to healing and transformation. Clients appreciate my kind nature and dedication to helping others. I strive to inspire, uplift, and assist my clients throughout their journey.

When working together, we might explore various topics, such as moving past pain, cultivating emotional awareness, overcoming setbacks, setting boundaries, and embracing mindfulness and a positive mindset. These additional areas of focus will enrich our collaboration and contribute to your personal growth and well-being.

I’d like to share why I’ve chosen this journey. This path has become my calling and my passion. As a parent to an autistic boy, I can truly empathize with the emotions of others, their situations, and what they are going through.

I’ve had my fair share of moments where I felt isolated and even ashamed as a parent. I found myself comparing my child to others, constantly asking, “Why me?” or “Why my child?” Despite the incredible support network we had, these feelings persisted. I did everything in my power to support my son while also balancing the demands of being a parent, working, and, at one point, even being my son’s school aide. However, it all became overwhelming.

Through working with a Life Coach who was also trained in counseling and various therapies, I underwent a transformation. I became more optimistic about life and realized that therapy and coaching are not just for those with significant past traumas but are valuable for everyone’s overall well-being. Coaching and therapy helped me find balance in my life, enabling me to be an even better parent to my son.

My mission as a life coach and counseling hypnotherapist is to be a guiding light, a supportive presence, and a compassionate listener for others. I want to help them navigate the highs and lows of life, just as I have experienced, so they too can enjoy a more fulfilling life. You can also access my services through https://autismsfaithlifecoaching.ca/


I do not provide services to anyone with a mental health diagnose unless recommended by a family physician. I provide services to people that do not require the support of a licensed medical professional. I enjoy learning and making sure I have the right trainings and knowledge to be able to work with my clients on a deeper level giving them the support and guidance they deserve for a successful outcome.

I offer online therapeutic services. During our consultation, we’ll need to confirm the counseling regulations in your area. By adhering to these standards, I can provide the best possible support and maintain the integrity of the therapeutic process. This also helps in determining if coaching or another therapeutic approach would be a better fit.


I have many years of professional and personal experience, and I understand the pain of living with grief and feeling uncared for. I know how emotional this journey can be. Through life coaching and counseling courses, I have learned many effective ways to support others. I have helped many people overcome their most difficult moments and find clarity. I work with my clients to explore positive strategies and tools that fit their lives, aiming to help them enjoy a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling life.

You can check if I am the right fit for you or a loved one that may need some support by looking at my credentials at Psychology Today, Complementary Therapists Accredited AssociationInternational Institute for Complementary Therapists and ACCPH. I have put in the time and dedication to ensure I provide the best counselling experience for the people I work with.

* During our consultation, we’ll need to confirm the counseling regulations in your area. By adhering to these standards, I can provide the best possible support and maintain the integrity of the therapeutic process. This also helps in determining if coaching or another therapeutic approach would be a better fit.