Couples & Family Coaching and Hypnotherapy

* 6 to 8 sessions are recommended in order to see positive changes

Unlock the path to family harmony with Couples and Family Coaching with Hypnotherapy — a unique therapy blend tailored to resolve communication breakdowns, unresolved arguments, and negative habits. Take the first step towards healing and growth in your family dynamics.

To ensure ongoing support, couples and family coaching is exclusively available to existing clients who have participated in previous sessions and feel that their loved ones could benefit from coaching tailored to their specific situation.


Through a blend of individual and family/partner sessions, Couples & Family Coaching can identify family issues such as poor communication, unresolved conflicts, or detrimental habits. By integrating coaching with hypnotherapy, families can address and modify negative thought patterns and behaviors, fostering healthier dynamics. Hypnotherapy’s relaxation techniques aid in solidifying these changes.

Sessions may comprise 6-8 family/partner sessions or 3 individual sessions and 3 family/partner sessions. I work only with small groups of 3-5 people to ensure all individuals feel seen and heard. Sessions are hour-long and tailored to meet your specific needs. By booking a session, we can collaborate to support you and your family through challenging times.

My priority is to address your unique needs and challenges. By booking a session with me, you are taking a positive step towards navigating through difficult times with your loved ones.

Single Session - (60 minutes)

$125 CAD

Monthly Package - (5 Sessions)

$500 CAD

Disclaimer: I do not provide medical or psychiatric support or advice. I specialize in a holistic, non-medical approach to healing, offering root-cause therapy and personalized coaching services. My expertise lies in life coaching, root-cause therapy counseling, and hypnotherapy, utilizing a diverse array of strategies and tools in which we are trained and certified. My mission is to empower you or your child to excel in areas of personal significance by delivering exceptional professional support. Counsellors and life coaches offer support, inspiration, and motivation, enabling you to tap into your own capabilities to overcome life’s obstacles. My aim is to encourage individuals to appreciate the beauty in each moment, cultivating a gratifying, healthy, and well-balanced life.