Support & Guidance / Manage Anxiety / Reduce Stress

Counselling is used to support, encourage and guide the client through difficult challenges leading the client to healthier options and a better outcome in life. 

I provide my clients with the valuable guidance and support they need at the rates they are comfortable with paying. Counselling is a great option for everyone and is extremely beneficial in developing positive behaviors and finding the underlining of your difficulties.



We can cover various topics, including healing from pain, developing emotional awareness, overcoming setbacks, establishing boundaries, enhancing self-care, and eliminating unproductive aspects of life. Our main focus will be on your inner self, ensuring that you acquire effective strategies to incorporate into your daily life. I take great pride in assisting my clients in fostering healthy relationships with themselves and those around them.

I use a combination of counseling skills, root-cause therapy, and hypnotherapy depending on what my clients needs are to promote inner peace and resolve negative issues. This approach helps clients concentrate on the present moment and cultivate a positive mindset for long-lasting change. I have witnessed positive results in clients who have improved their relationships with themselves and others, ultimately enhancing their overall well-being.

Counseling rebuilds relationships and self-connection, offering proven benefits in various life circumstances or simply in navigating the stresses of everyday life. Counseling empowers individuals to overcome obstacles and live with clarity and freedom.

* During our consultation, we’ll need to confirm the counseling regulations in your area. This will help to determine the best approach to support you or your loved ones and guide you towards a more healthier and happier future whether it’s through counselling or coaching.

Mental Health


Relationship Issues

Family conflicts
Parenting challenges

Self-Esteem and Self-Identity

Building self-confidence
Exploring and understanding personal identity

Decision-Making and Goal Setting

Clarifying personal goals and values
Making informed decisions

Anger Management

Learning to manage and express anger in healthy ways

Behavioral addictions

Support & Guidance

Chronic Illness or Pain

Managing the emotional impact of health issues
Coping with chronic pain or illness

Emotional Regulation

Developing healthy emotional coping mechanisms
Managing mood swings and emotional intensity

Stress Management

Coping with work-related stress
Managing life transitions
Balancing personal and professional responsibilities

Grief and Loss

Coping with the death of a loved one
Processing other forms of loss, such as divorce or job loss

Harm and Mistreatment

Healing from past traumatic experiences
Overcoming the effects of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse

Career and Academic Challenges

Career counseling and exploration
Academic stress and performance anxiety

Coping with Life Changes

Adjusting to major life events
Retirement planning and adjustment

Improving Communication Skills

Enhancing interpersonal communication
Resolving conflicts in relationships

Personal Growth and Development

Exploring self-awareness and self-discovery
Enhancing overall life satisfaction and fulfillment

Single Session - (45 minutes)

$125 CAD

Monthly Package - (5 Sessions)

$500 CAD

Disclaimer:  During our consultation, we will need to confirm the counseling regulations in your area. This will help determine the best approach to support you or your loved ones and guide you toward a healthier and happier future, whether through counseling or coaching. By adhering to these standards, I can provide optimal support and maintain the integrity of the therapeutic process. This also helps in determining if coaching or another therapeutic approach would be a better fit.

Please note that I do not provide medical or psychiatric support or advice. I specialize in a holistic, non-medical approach to healing, offering personalized health & wellness coaching and counselling services. My expertise lies in life coaching, counselling, and hypnotherapy, utilizing a diverse array of strategies and tools in which I am trained and certified. My mission is to empower you or your loved ones to excel in areas of personal significance by delivering exceptional professional support, inspiration, and motivation, enabling you to tap into your own capabilities to overcome life’s obstacles.

If your situation falls outside my scope of practice, I may refer you to a qualified mental health professional. My aim is to encourage individuals to appreciate the beauty in each moment, cultivating a fulfilling, healthy, and well-balanced life.