Root-cause Therapy

Root-cause Therapy (60-min session)

* 5 to 8 sessions are recommended

I help individuals that have experienced personal issues such as anxiety, trauma, stress, negative habits, relationship and family issues move pass their suffering and find their hope and faith in life by using natural healing. 

Root-cause therapy is a form of talk-therapy with a trauma-healing approach. Root cause therapy focuses on the past and future by reassessing the event with your conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind thereby helping you find the solutions needed to heal.


If you or someone you know is in the need of actual healing and support that works and gets to the root cause of the problem and the negative emotions, I would love to work with you and show you how this amazing healing can change your life so you can have the freedom and happiness to enjoy all the beautiful things of life.

Please note that single sessions can be anywhere from 60 minutes to 105 minutes depending on the activities for your session.  No additional charges will be applied. During the first session, we will go over your intake form and a series of questions that help me understand your situation or areas you like to focus on. This can take up to 1 hour 45 minutes.  The therapy part of your session may be 60 minutes or more.

** Intake form must be filled out in order to start the program.  

Single Session - (60 minutes)

$125 CAD

Package (5 Sessions)

$500 CAD

Disclaimer: I do not provide medical or psychiatric support or advice. I specialize in a holistic, non-medical approach to healing, offering root-cause therapy and personalized coaching services. My expertise lies in life coaching, root-cause therapy counseling, and hypnotherapy, utilizing a diverse array of strategies and tools in which we are trained and certified. My mission is to empower you or your child to excel in areas of personal significance by delivering exceptional professional support. Counsellors and life coaches offer support, inspiration, and motivation, enabling you to tap into your own capabilities to overcome life’s obstacles. My aim is to encourage individuals to appreciate the beauty in each moment, cultivating a gratifying, healthy, and well-balanced life.