Root-cause Therapy & Coaching for Children (Age 5-17) (35-min session)

* 3 to 5 sessions are recommended in order to see positive changes

Root-cause therapy gives you the room to tune in to your emotions allowing you to release any emotions that do not serve you any purpose. This type of therapy is beneficial and rewarding for children and those in their teenage years.

Root-cause therapy gets straight to the cause of the problem while helping you heal.  If your child is experiencing behavioral , emotional and negative issues,  a root-cause therapy practitioner can guide your child to a more positive and healthy outcome helping them release the negative feelings and behaviors by getting straight to the cause of the issues while helping the child heal.  


I combine a blend of counseling or coaching techniques, root-cause therapy, and hypnotherapy tailored to my clients’ specific needs, aiming to foster inner peace and address negative issues. This method enables clients to focus on the present moment, fostering a positive mindset that leads to enduring change. I’ve observed encouraging outcomes as clients enhance their relationships with themselves and others, ultimately improving their overall well-being.

Counseling plays a pivotal role in rebuilding relationships and fostering self-connection, delivering proven advantages across diverse life situations or in navigating the challenges of everyday life. It serves as an empowering tool, enabling individuals to overcome obstacles and embrace a life marked by clarity and freedom.

Root-cause therapy can be very therapeutic for children and great add-on to traditional therapy or it can be used as an alternative therapy while waiting for a clinical approach.

When working with children, we use a softer approach than we would for the adult RCT session. I always make sure the child is not only achieving in the areas they need support but also enjoying and having fun with their session.  This program works well for children that are verbal,  able to understand/ answer questions and can follow directions with or with out prompts. Our root-cause therapy and counselling hypnotherapy program for children will also help your child explore exciting and fun strategies. I use unique therapeutic tools such as storytelling, happiness and mindfulness strategies that are specific to supporting children’s mental health and well being. These tools will boost their self-esteem allowing them to be more aware of all the positive moments in life and help with their personal development and overall happiness.

A healthy mindset allows children to make proper decisions in life and feel a sense compassion for themselves and others.  

* Root Cause Therapy can be extremely beneficial when combining counseling or coaching with hypnotherapy. We will confirm which approach is better suited for you, considering the current counseling regulations in your local area and your personal needs or reasons for therapy. Whether it’s through coaching or counseling, I look forward to supporting you on your journey. 

** Intake form must be filled out in order to start the program. 

** Parent attendance is required. If your child is on the spectrum, be sure to book a free consultation to make sure this is the right approach for your child. 

Single Session - (60 minutes)

$125 CAD

Package (5 Sessions)

$500 CAD

Disclaimer: Please note that I do not provide medical or psychiatric support or advice. I specialize in a holistic, non-medical approach to healing, offering personalized health & wellness coaching and counselling services. My expertise lies in life coaching, counselling, and hypnotherapy, utilizing a diverse array of strategies and tools in which I am trained and certified. My mission is to empower you or your loved ones to excel in areas of personal significance by delivering exceptional professional support, inspiration, and motivation, enabling you to tap into your own capabilities to overcome life’s obstacles. If your situation falls outside my scope of practice, I may refer you to a qualified mental health professional. My aim is to encourage individuals to appreciate the beauty in each moment, cultivating a fulfilling, healthy, and well-balanced life.